I visited Prague in November, 2016.




Loneliness despite the fact that we are more connected in more ways than we have ever been.

In this digital photography series I wanted to explore our connections with others through technology.


The Disappearance

This analogue project was inspired by the work of Duane Michals, specifically his photo sequence “The Human Condition”.

Through my images I wanted to explore the themes of feeling lost and wanting to disappear.

Duane Michals, Photo Sequences

This is Duane Michals’ photo sequence “The Human Condition” (1969).

The sequence of 6 images show a man on a train platform gradually disappearing into a column of light until this light becomes a galaxy in space.




In this analogue project I wanted to explore the themes of sadness and the feeling of being distraught.

Inspired by the work of Jim Goldburg I returned one of the images to the model to write a personal response.


Jim Goldburg

USA, Hollywood, California. 1991. “Friday ?”

This image is from Goldburg’s book “Raised By Wolves”.

The image shows a young man balancing on a hill high above Hollywood. The image is slightly out of focus giving it a dream like feeling and ambiguity. Opposite the figure there is a roughly written letter.

The letter is written to the Father of the subject;

“Dad, I’m sorry about losing control of myself and hurting you”

Photographs often do not tell the truth. I am inspired by this image as I am interested in bringing images and words together.

A Day in the Life of a Student

A Day in the Life of Ruby

For this project I decided to condense a year in the life of a student into a day. I wanted the film to have an uncomfortable, disjointed feeling and show the day as having long slow periods where not much is happening and then very quick stressed periods where everything happens at once reflective of an academic year.

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